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Jerk!AmericaxReader Oneshot Classroom Callouts...

Censor for language is already on. Please use your imagination if you'd like to use other words. Thank you!


Today sucked royally for you. First, you slept through your alarm so you were almost late to school. Next, another jerk from [second least favorite class] tripped you in the hallway. You also forgot your homework for third hour in your locker and your teacher wouldn't let you go get it. And now, you're just having a bad day. In a permanent bad mood until you get home.

And the worst part is that all your friends are just running away from you claiming "They know how you get when you're angry and they don't want to mess with it." It figures. You're a nice person. Life of the party when you go out(which isn't very often) and a sarcastic, crack up. Very funny person in short. But the one thing people can never see past to this "cool" side of you is the fact that you take school seriously. Trying hard in class and pulling your own weight just comes naturally.

"Mama didn't raise no lazy bum!" You'd always say and it usually paid off, all that hard work. But recently it wasn't helping. Your grades are slipping and the local jerks keep rubbing it in your face every chance they get.

Worst part is that in [least favorite class] there's 25 students and only 5 are fellow girls. While the guys are all "Buddy-buddy" with each other and never shut up. Nothing gets done and your grade is suffering from it. And the number one jerk you hate in that class is the infamous Alfred F. Jones.

Loud, obnoxious and rude don't even brush the surface of his annoying capabilities. All in all, he's the biggest jerk in [School Name]. And if you weren't so reserved you probably would've hit him by now. But he just wasn't worth it...

But that don't apply today!!! Today if he says anything you swear you're going to snap and just haul off and hit 'em. Probably in the balls and then shout "Look!! There's now another girl in the class!!!" like the smart mouth you are. So speaking of which, it's time for [least favorite class].

"Blah blah blah..." is all you're hearing as the bell rings and the teacher fruitlessly tries to get the class quiet so you can start. Like always, today is going to follow the same darn pattern. The class will waste ten minutes before the teacher finally starts threatening to write people up. Then twenty minutes later Alfred will get bored and start talking again. And when the teacher says something to him about it Alfred will say some stupid quote from Spongebob Squarepants(or any other stupid show you hate) that will "magically" make the class crack up. About then you zone out and wait for the words "Okay, let's get back on topic." from the teacher. But before that happens Alfred will call you out while you're not paying attention and insult you. Causing the class to laugh at you for going "What?". And the teacher does nothing.

It's the same everyday and your only comment is that Alfred is really lucky he sits in the back on the other side of the room next to the door. Far away from you, sitting in the front away from the door. And today... the senseless talking has already wore down your patience to zero.

"SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For once can we start on time!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" you ask your idiot classmates at the top of your lungs causing them to go quiet from shock of hearing "Goody-goody ___________ __________" shout.

All was silent for about 5 seconds before Alfred spoke up from his seat.

"Jeez, ___________!!! A bit pissed off today or something? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!" Alfred mocked. Not being witty for a moment, you stay silent and wait for the class's laughter to subside before the teacher starts the most confusing "explanation" in history.

============ 20 minutes later ============

This class just hates you now. There's been idle chit-chat for the past twenty minutes. Mostly from Alfred's side of the room, as always. And right on time Alfred has made a stupid quote to Spongebob. "Tuning out!" You say in your head frustratingly. Now, thinking about how annoying Alfred is you come to realize a few things.

First off, he's annoying but not a bad person. He's good at football and because he's so popular his report card is public. So his grades are surprisingly fantastic. No matter how much you hate to admit it. Also, he's not that bad of a guy. In any way shape or form. He's just too laid back that he makes everything look easy. Which is yet another reason why you dislike him so much...

"... like ___________!!!" Alfred says. And because you only react to your name you didn't hear all of it. But you know it ain't good.

"What?" You say sternly while the class laughs again. Being pissed off and no longer taking their crap you stand up abruptly making a bunch of noise with your chair making the class stop.

"... I said... What did you say, Alfred?" You ask with gritted teeth trying to keep your composure.

"Mr. Jones that was not nice to say." You teacher scolds from by Alfred's desk. "Not this time teach!!!" You think as you refuse to let your teacher stop you.

"NO!!!! I  wanna hear what he really thinks of me!" You say whipping around to stare down Alfred who's just sitting in his desk looking slightly shocked.

"Go ahead. You've got free rain to talk crap about me to my face." You say in Alfred's qualifications of an "inside voice". After a few seconds of staring at you his smirk appears as he stands up and says

"All right. ___________, you're the most boring, disgrace of a teenager with a school complex and obsession I've ever seen. You're also a piss off and a slutty b**** that should just give up. A failure like you is never going to amount to anything." Alfred says with a giant smirk thinking he's bested you forever.

But for some reason... His words hurt more than anything he's said about you before... You looked up to how easy everything came to him and how, even though he was annoying, he was a pretty cool guy... And he's good looks look completely natural which never happened to you... And him telling you these things tore you apart just now... You felt the burning tears start to flow down your cheeks...

"... Is that so?... Because... I always thought you were pretty cool... The way you could play football better than the pros... The way the hardest subjects for me were second nature to you... And the way you could get a smile on everyone's face... Including my own a few times..." You say looking up and trying to look into Alfred's rich blue eyes hidden behind his glasses.

"... And you know?... If someone as... admirable... as Alfred F. Jones... is telling me I'm a worthless piece of crap that should have never tried to begin with... Then what kind of stubborn b**** am I to keep trying?..." You finish off before looking into Alfred's eyes no longer hidden. Seeing what he was really feeling at that moment you see that he feels bad for making you cry...

Some time passed in utter silence and disbelief before you excused yourself to cry somewhere else...

"I can't believe that's what he really thinks of me..." Is the only thing going through your mind...

=========== Alfred's Point of View ============

I was horrified to see _____________ cry... And the fact that I'm the one that made her was even worse... All I've ever done was try to get her to notice me... I pulled my grades up to get my name above her's on every list... I joined the football team and became the star so that she'd think of me every time football came up in a conversation... Truth is... I'm in love with her... The way she does her best in everything... Her beautiful laugh that fits perfectly with her smile... So fragile and yet so strong at the same time... And because I was in love with her without really meeting or talking to her I was embarrassed to say anything... So I just acted like I hated her so that no one would know... But...

"That was the biggest mistake I've ever made." I whisper before bursting out of the classroom to go after ___________. Looking left and right, searching desperately for her. Feeling the adrenaline add to my fears and worry as I finally run out of the school in the direct towards town...

=========== Reader's Point of View ==============

After I left the classroom I just started to run home. Leaving everything, my hopes, my dreams, my fears, my anguish, at school. Running home and a quarter of a mile now was doing a toll on my body. But I was so numb from Alfred's disgust in me I couldn't feel it... It was like all my senses turned off except for my eyesight. That is until I was tackled from behind into the pavement below.

"OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! WHAT THE--!!!!" I started to scream until I rolled over to see piercing blue eyes filled with tears and regret staring at me as I lay on my back with my left arm supporting my torso while my badly bleeding leg shot pain through my nervous system.

"Alfred?" I questioned letting the still flowing tears slow.

"___________!!!!! Please!!!!! I'm sorry!!!!!! I didn't mean a word of it!!!!!! I only said those things so no one would find out about my crush on you!!!!!!!" Alfred shouted at you while keeping you pinned to the ground with his arms and legs forming a cage around your body.

"The truth is I have a really big crush on you and only ever did the things I did to get your attention!!! Please!! Please, forgive me!! I didn't want anyone to know because the guys would start to make a big deal out of it!! Please!!!!!" Alfred begged hanging his head in shame while he realized how wrongly he treated you.

"Please... You're so amazing and extraordinary... I couldn't help but fall in love..." Alfred ended with his head still facing down away from you.

"You?... YOU REALLY ARE A MORON!!!!!!!!!" you screech roughly shoving the idiot off of you and onto the pavement before standing up. "What did you think would happen if you just embarrassed me in front of the class then say it was just a cover up for a 'crush' you have on me?!?!" you screamed while putting air quotes around crush. "You know, you're a lot more vain and despicable than I thought, Alfred F****** Jones!!!!!! That was even more embarrassing than what you just did in the classroom!!!!!! I really hate people like you!!!!!!!!!!!" I shout before running off letting the hot liquid flow from your eyes. And the only thought going through your mind is

"Why am I wasting my tears on that scumbag?..."

============= Time Skip =============

Pissed off and seething anger you glare burning death at your closet while reviewing the past couple of days' events.

Due to some strange reason you had gotten sick right after telling Alfred off and leaving him in the street. And because of that you stayed home as an excuse so that you didn't have to return to that heck hole of a high school. But now it's Friday and today is precisely why you're the evil over lord of death.

This morning when you walked into school and opened your locker a ton of flowers fell out of your locker knocking you to the floor.  There was a note included in the flowers from Alfred begging for forgiveness. Naturally this made you angry thinking he could just "make it all better" by sending flowers and a note. So you ripped up the note, cleaned out your locker onto the floor, grabbed your books for first hour  and left the flowers for the janitor to clean up. But Alfred's harassment didn't stop there. During the morning announcements Alfred sent a shout out. The announcement girl actually announced it too.

"And our last announcement this morning is for __________ __________ from our own Alfred F. Jones. The starring quarterback for our football team. "Dear __________, I know you're mad at me but I'm truly sorry. And if you come to the game against [school rival] tonight, I'll prove that everything I said in the street was true." And that's today's announcements, [high school name]. Don't forget to come to the game tonight and have a great day."

Talk about embarrassing and making you angry. This made you very upset. The classroom wasn't enough for this obnoxious scumbag. All morning it's been like that. Second hour the entire classroom was covered in love notes and poems from Alfred who got help from the poetry club to write all of them. It was obvious because not a single note had the word "dude" in it. And the teacher wasn't too happy about that so guess you're serving detention tomorrow instead of enjoying your weekend.

Third hour wasn't much better, Alfred set a ton of chocolates to fill that classroom curtsy of the cooking club and another hour detention from that teacher. And all that managed to do was give you another reason to hate the guy. Why was he trying so hard for something that's a big fat lie?

Fourth hour sucked even more. Alfred went to the art club and got them to draw at least a hundred and twenty pictures of "why he loves you". Along with another hour of detention. Final count before lunch, A thousand flowers(which were curtsy of the gardening club), A hundred love poems, a diabetic's worst nightmare and some lovely drawn pictures of you. That was the sweet side that you didn't know existed. The consequences of all that sweetness was four hours of detention to serve on Saturday. Which just added to your extreme loathing of Alfred.

Lunch was even worse if possible, the entire football team came to your table and begged you to come to the game tonight for Alfred. And being fed-up with Alfred's crap you snapped.

"Hey!! If Alfred's soooooooooo sorry why doesn't he just come apologize to my face!?!?!?!" You asked emitting daggers from your eyes in frustration.

"Alfred's absent today." was the reply you got. 'He's absent? Why? And did he get sick around the same time I did? Or was it because we both ran outside...? No, it wasn't cold that day... So why is he absent?'

Eventually you caved and said you'd go to the game tonight doubting Alfred would be there since he was absent. Now glaring at your closet trying not so hardly to find something to wear since you were literally being dragged to the game by the soccer team. They're going to escort you to the game to make sure you didn't try to back out. Awesome...

========== Time Skip ============

It's almost the end of the game. So far the game's tied up because the defensive team sucks while Alfred (who's surprisingly here even though he wasn't at school) gets all the points to tie up the game. He also got the pep band to play "Accidentally in love" during half time for you. Figures.

The team just called a time-out and you're pretty heated about the detention tomorrow so every chance you get to yell you took it. So far.

"Hey, _________." The soccer team's captain says tearing your attention away from the field to him.

"Do you know why Alfred had all the clubs and teams help him out? Or why he was absent?" He asked. Shaking your head with a stoic look you answered.

"It's cause he secretly got drunk that night you ditched school." This broke your stoic face and twisted it into a look of disbelief.

"The police nor the school found out. We all kept it a secret for this purpose. He wanted to apologize to you by dedicating the game tonight to you. He really does like you, you know." The soccer team captain confessed.

'He went Illegally drinking just because I didn't believe he had feelings for me?...' You thought in shock. Looking back down at the field you see the coach putting tons of pressure on Alfred who looked really nervous. One more touchdown and we'd win. But not enough time on the clock to play to the advantages the team has. Not good odds unless Alfred can run the ball himself from the 40 yard line. You could see the determination in his face as he glanced at you to remind himself of what he wants to tell you.

'What are my feelings for him?...' you ask yourself seeing him in a new light. Who knew the egomaniac Alfred F. Jones was really just an amazingly shy kid?

Deciding on your feelings you stand up and start climbing the bleachers to get to the announcement box. Finding the door to be locked you used unknown strength to kick it open with determination written over your face. The announcers look to you shocked and ask the typical question at that moment.

"Hey. Who're you? You can't be in he--" You cut him off by pushing him out of the way before taking the microphone and turning it on. No longer caring about the hep of detention you would serve or the embarrassment this would cause you.

"Alfred Freaking Jones! I didn't let myself get dragged down here just you watch you get sweaty and lose. Now you better pick up that ball and kick some butt. And that's an order from your girlfriend!!" You say before smiling at Alfred's dumbfounded face. Shortly after being kicked out of the booth you went back to you seat just in time for the game to begin again. You ignored everyone who tried to talk to you at that moment as the anticipation got your adrenaline going.

The play was made and instead of throwing the ball (which wouldn't have worked anyways) he grabbed it and ran. And just kept going dodging every person that came at him while you stood and screamed louder than everyone else in the stadium. Alfred made the touchdown and that was the end of the game as he celebrated with his team before running into the bleachers and over towards you.

"W-Wait. What are you-- AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" You yelled as Alfred picked you up and started running with you like he did to make the winning touchdown. When he finally stopped and sat you down on the ground you were behind the school away from the field.

"Alfred! Wha--!!?!?!?!!!!!" Alfred cut you off with a kiss. He tasted of sweat but his kiss was innocent. Like a child. And he pulled away all too soon for you actually enjoyed it.

"________, I'm really sorry for how I've treated you. And I'm sorry I didn't get to apologize to your face at school today but I was still trying to recover from---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He was speaking really quickly and breathing hard and heating up to an unhealthy temperature. So you just rolled your eyes and kissed him relishing in it despite the disgusting taste before pulling away.

"Shut up you Jerk. I already forgave you." You say with a smile before turning it upside down and saying

"But if you ever treat me like crap again I won't forgive you. You get one shot. So don't screw it up." You say before your smile returned.

"I promise I won't, _________. I love you." He says before kissing you again with his soft childish lips.

============ Extended Ending =============

You sit in the detention room next to your new boyfriend glaring at the board while the teacher slept away the hours of detention you and Alfred owed. Even though you were upset about detention you were enjoying the silence. Alfred had to serve detention for not finishing the end of game ceremony yesterday and for causing the teachers and clubs tons of trouble with all the gifts.

"So... Wanna make out?" Alfred asked suddenly from to your right.

"... *sigh* Despite it being more fun than sitting here doing nothing. I'd rather not risk having the teacher wake up to see us doing that and giving us another hour." You say looking to him with a tired look.

"Aaaaawwwwwww! Come on!!!" He pleaded and pouted.

That wasn't going to work.


Dear Readers,

This was based off of one of my classes and classmates that I have sworn to be my mortal enemy. But I decided that this would be a good way for Reader-chan to get together with Alfred so I hope you enjoyed. Please no "merciless" criticizing. Some is good but too much for a first oneshot is a little mean. Please be nice! And Thanks for reading!!!

Dear Readers,

Hi hi!!!!!! Thanks for reading and please leave a comment to tell me what ya think!!! Thanks!!!

Now the normal!!: I don't own Hetalia or you! Just the story!

Please no stealing!

Edit- Does anyone else go back and read their own fanfics when they run out of stuff to read? X{D lol Also, the picture was googled. It belongs to it's owner.

And forever a :iconalfredfjonesplz: fan!
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The "Only Five girls in the classroom" Doesn't make sense,Because Teachers have a Meeting And they divide Girls and boys into equal groups and decide which teachers gets the group.
Lolitagirl671 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If they don't appreciate you then they aren't worth your time hon. Don't let immature idiots get in your way
Tip: dont mind those jerks who hate you for no reason ive got this jerk in my class who only hates me and this other girl idk why he claims that i would not be friends with then throws a fit hits me i get back up walk away calmly but in the inside im trembeling with fear and rage i sometimes feel like just birsting into tears but im tough
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how to handel bullies like kirsten:
bully: lol die stupid bitch!
kirsten: oh did you go to the beach
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kirsten: oh i just seams like there is alot of sand in your vagina today
bully: just kill yourself emo japanese wanna be!
crush: wow some doesn't know how to treat a lady resons you dont get girlfriends perhaps
bully: like you know about getting girl you fucking nerd!
kirsten: ecuse (bullies name) today he abit of sand in his vagina!!!!!
whole class: *laughs*
true story bro
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Honestly, I almost cried and I was reading it during class

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Best room drama ever
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TrollingtonTrollifer Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
Now, thinking about how annoying Alfred is you come to realize a few things.
1.You own a loaded gun 
2.You have sleeping drugs
3.You have a passport and a few friends in Paris, and might be able to make this work.
You were planning how to sneak into Alfred's home when you remembered, with most of your friends in boarding school you couldn't form a solid alibi. 
Which is yet another reason why you dislike being near him so much...
"NO!!!! I  wanna hear what he really thinks of me!" You say whipping around to stare down Alfred who's just sitting in his desk looking slightly shocked.

"Go ahead. You've got free rain to talk crap about me to my face." You say in Alfred's qualifications of an "inside voice". After a few seconds of staring at you his smirk appears as he stands up and says

"All right. ___________, you're the most boring, disgrace of a teenager with a school complex and obsession I've ever seen. You're also a piss off and a slutty b**** that should just give up. A failure like you is never going to amount to anything." Alfred says with a giant smirk thinking he's bested you forever.

But for some reason... His words didn't hurt you the way they used to when this first started, a couple months or so ago.

"You know, you're a lot more vain and despicable than I thought, Alfred F****** Jones!!! I really hate people like you!!!!!!!!!!!""You?... YOU REALLY ARE A MORON IF YOU THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH ME! I DON'T NEED TO TAKE YOUR CRAP, NOT ANY MORE! This was your chance, you have been planning this for months now, the day you could end it all. You sneaked a pocket knife with you to school everyday for weeks now, A good 4" blade. Faster Than the tall blond could react, you whipped out the knife and lunged it into your heart, collapsing to the floor.
^^Just sayin' what I would have done.^^
The story was very good writer-chan! Please don't mind my sillyness, I like the plot and the resolve at the end. Thank you for the feels!
unarii Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
//casually dies of the feels in le corner
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... All I've ever done was try to get her to notice me...

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